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Baby Talk (Hetalia x Reader)
Baby Talk (Hetalia x Reader)
*Warning; A little bit of swearing because Romano is in this :] Other than that hope you enjoy :3
~~~(Name POV)~~~
You were laid across Alfred’s sofa with your eyes shut as you listened to your friends bicker of god knows what, today you were all supposed to meet up and have fun and just hang out like friend are supposed to do but that seemed impossible with this lot.
Opening your eyes you looked around the room seeing Arthur and Francis arguing as usual while Russia watched them with a childlike smile and china just complained about how immature they were being, America was, amazingly, talking to his brother Matthew but it seemed like they were arguing too, something about which sport was better hockey or soccer.
Getting up you strolled into the kitchen finding Ludwig scolding Feliciano for making a mess as Romano hit Ludw
:iconrhythmicbeat:RhythmicBeat 1,554 791
Goodnight - BTT x Reader
The curtains were closed, but through the small opening in the middle a sliver of moonlight casted on the floor. It was silent, save for the soft snoring of those who were asleep in the bed.
“Frau(1)?” Gilbert whispered into the darkness, laying on his back with his hand resting behind his head. He waited for a response, hearing nothing but the soft swish of the fan above him.
“Yeah?” (Name) responded finally, in a hoarse, sleepy whisper. He chuckled.
“I vas going to ask if you vere avake,” he whispered in return, shuffling in the bed so that he was laying on his back with his arms at his sides now, her doing the same on his left. Their arms were pressed gently against one another’s.
On (Name)’s left lay Antonio, his stomach moving up and down in sync as he snored softly, lost in his dreams. On the right of Gilbert lay Francis, shuffling a bit in his sleep, his hair showing bedhead, something he’d never let the public see.
:iconshikujiru:shikujiru 310 18
QRS-Okita: Stolen Lips
The second request is by dream-san!
This time round is Sougo-kun and a stubborn OC girl.
Enjoy the sweet quote♪
Stolen lips
Right now, we're having Physical Education...
...and that moron Sougo isn't around.
On one half of the gym hall, the girls are doing volley ball.
On the other half, the guys are doing basket ball.
During the game, I keep looking around to find him, but that moron is nowhere to be seen.
That moron is bunking again!
...Probably taking a nap somewhere.
Tae-chan suddenly stares into my face when I had been thinking such thoughts.
"Oh, are you trying to find him again? Oh you sure are in love~"
"! You're wrong!"
I feel my face grow hot as she chuckles at me.
It's not like that it bothers me...!
I was just... exasperated at his disappearance!

I glare at Tae-chan who chuckles at me in mockery.
But I
:iconhirahirari:Hirahirari 17 0
QRS-Okita: I Love You
The fourth quote request is from Cye-san! (The one who translates my FFs and comments!)
Another sweet quote from Sougo! Enjoy!!
I Love You
"I love you"
He whispers right beside my ear.
As our eyes lock upon each other, his gaze softens.
The perfected featured, handsome face comes closer and closer and...
"You look extremely happy, don't you?"
Within the soft, blurred vision of a scenario taping at the back of my mind, a clear voice of the real thing disrupts it.
And that clear voice belongs to exactly the person I had been dreaming of to be kissing.
"It's morning."
When I open my eyes open and wake up my conscious, I find him leaning right above me with such a close distance between us.
And him I refer Sougo.
"Holy!!! W-what are you doing so early in the morning??"
"Oh, I couldn't help it, could I? Since y
:iconhirahirari:Hirahirari 15 1
cingulomania | sakata gintoki
a/n: first part takes place before Otose-san finds him at her husband's grave
Four years ago
Absolutely wonderful. As if I had stepped foot into a magical and enchanting fantasy world, my eyes were trained on nothing if not the beautiful scenery surrounding me. I relished in the sentimental and nostalgic sensation passing through all of my limbs as they made a home in my veins. The feeling was just like when I first came in touch with it, then still new and fresh. Rarely was there a year where the clouds didn't provide us with the white layer of beauty, released upon us as they pass us with an unfortunate high velocity. 
Unknowingly, the ends of my dried, rough lips curled upwards into a small smile, appreciating the first changes in climate like every year. For as far as I was concerned, nothing could prevent me from closing my eyes and inhaling the fresh air that had cleansed the whole country in a stream of purity and cleanliness. The cold air entered my
:iconyasmochi:Yasmochi 131 58
Sweet Gift (Sakata Gintoki x Reader)
The sounds of birds chirping awoke you on that beautiful Saturday morning. Your (e/c) eyes cracked open and viewed the room you were in. Nothing fancy, really. Just a simple room.
You laid on the futon that was on the ground, and you smiled gently to yourself upon feeling an arm around your waist, holding you tightly. The other arm was underneath your head, and his hand had some of your (h/c) locks in it. His bare chest was against your clothed back, and his snores filled the room.
Quietly shifting so you could face him, a small smile came upon your face as you looked at the man. His usual expression was replaced with a rather calm look as he slept. You slightly blushed as you watched his chest rise up and down.
This is the man you fell in love with.
Putting one of your hands on his built shoulder, you gently laid a kiss on his neck before silently attempting to escape his grip.
The attempt was futile.
"Nn.. _______, it's still too early." You turned to face the drowsy male. One of his
:iconbloodyrosexx:BloodyRoseXX 79 7
Don't Give Up Yet [One-sided | Gintoki x Reader]
”You look amazing, Kagura-chan!”
”Really? But it's so uncomfortable.”
You giggled slightly at the frown on your friends lips. Over the years you had known her, she had grown a lot, and it was finally time for her first date. Yes, Kagura was going on a date, and you along with Otae took the liberty to help her get ready and teach her the basic tips for dating.
Knowing your friend, she would eat like a starving animal and then proceed to barf, so you needed to tell her the rules. Of course, you couldn't changer her, since the boy she was going out with was there for her, not for a doll-girl. So as long as you got her to act at least a little bit civil, it would be alright.
Otae had brought a nice dress for her, forcing Kagura to wear it, not matter what. It fit her perfectly, with the red colour and golden Chinese dragon design on the side. Being tighter around the breasts and spreading out beautifully from her waist down, giving her that amazing summer look with
:iconnixdex:nixdex 86 15
Never Help A Drunk Samurai (Sick!Gintoki x Reader)
          The feeling of cold air hits your feet as you shift in your sleep. From what you could tell, it was probably around five or six in the morning. Your (e/c) eyes opened, and all you could hear was someone sneezing and coughing like crazy. You smiled when you heard it from Gintoki's room.
'Serves him right. He was pretty drunk last night, and I had to carry him back.."

You turned again, so your body was against the softness of the couch. You pulled your blankets up more and proceeded to sleep a bit more as his coughing and sneezing died down.
An hour later, it happened again. Before even getting up, you saw a pretty angry Kagura get up and slam open his door.
He laid on his futon, the blankets pushed off, and sweating like crazy. His nose was red, and tissues were all over the place.
"____-chan, Gin-chan is sick." She turned to look at you. Sighing, you took off your own blankets and went to his room.
"Wake up, idiot." You said, and his red eyes
:iconbloodyrosexx:BloodyRoseXX 133 12
Let the Darkness Devour Us (Yato X Goddess!Reader)

It was late at night. A lone God Yato made his way through the verdancy of a public garden. The sweet smell of cherry blossoms filled the air. A quiet murmur of a nearby brook was the only sound heard. Every object was covered in shadows and darkness, as the only light was provided by the moon and stars, that were stuck to the velvet, dark blue sky. It was a peaceful night. Little Yato knew, he was being watched. A silent figure, hidden in the shadows of the buildings, was following his every little step. As Yato wandered around the garden the individual got closer and closer to him, nearly revealing its presence. A cold shiver ran down Yato’s spine, he felt something wasn’t right, he just couldn’t figure out what. He looked around trying to find the one responsible for his confusion. A chuckle was heard from between the cherry blossoms, the mysterious persona decided to stop playing around and disclose itself to Yato. F
:iconjigokunoko:Jigokunoko 69 3
Have you seen him? [Hijikata x Sakata!Reader]
Being lost in a city you've never been to before is never fun. At least not for you. For others it might be hilarious to watch as a short girl desperately looks around and pushes though the mass of people. Either way, for you, it was horrible.
Now usually you were quite ”air-headed” as your friends liked to put it. But it didn't mean you were stupid! No, it simply meant you were quite oblivious to danger and settled in enjoying yourself and always being kind. That actually made you wonder why they called you that. You weren't that air-headed, were you?
Anywho, back to the story. Your name is Sakata (F/n), and you're on a quest to find your older brother, Gintoki. You knew he lived somewhere in Edo, but other than that, it was a mystery. It wasn't like you hadn't seen him in ages. No wait, scratch that, you hadn't seen him in ages, but you made sure to call him once in a while. But you had grown tired and annoyed, as you were the only one of you two who kept in contact. Not
:iconnixdex:nixdex 157 15
Don't Touch - Oikawa x Reader
Jealous!Oikawa x Reader
Oikawa was getting rather impatient with something. He tried to hide his forming scowl from showing with neutral face, but couldn’t hide his glare. Right now he was being surrounded by his fans telling him about different things but he payed no attention to them because he was too busy keeping an eye of his girlfriend.
You were Aoba Johsai’s manager and the team’s setter, Oikawa Tooru’s girlfriend. Your relationship wasn’t a secret but that didn’t keep his fangirls away from him. For a while, you got used to the fact that your boyfriend was always being bombarded with his fans and just ignored it.
It was now break time and you were completely ignoring your boyfriend throughout practice ever since his loud fans came barging in the gym to watch him play.
What made the brunette’s blood boil was to see that your attention was fixated to his childhood friend. You overly friendly towards him and always goes straight to
:iconmikukawaiihatsune:mikukawaiihatsune 168 5
Like Husband and Wife - Kuroko x Reader
You and Kuroko were all alone in his room while he dries off your hair with a towel. You were wearing his oversized clothes on. Feeling comfortable.
Why were you there? Its simple, while walking you home, you guys were raided by a sudden downpour which made you both soaking wet. Since Kuroko's place was closer, you stayed there until the rain clears out. You then took a bath and wore his clothes because you don't have any spares, and now Kuroko's helping you dry your hair.
You were used to Kuroko's place and room, his mom is also very familliar with you since you always visit Kuroko when you had time. But its not like you were dating Kuroko, you still have no courage to confess to him even being best friends with him since childhood. You weren't even sure if he liked you back, since Momoi can't leave him alone and clings to him back when they were at Teiko.
You were just sitting there, while Kuroko was rubbing the white towel on your wet hair. Until you remembered what happened just ea
:iconmikukawaiihatsune:mikukawaiihatsune 144 9
Annoyed - Kuroko Tetsuya x Reader
Jealous!Kuroko x Reader
You knocked on the door of the gym. You were trying your best to warm yourself after being drenched out in the unexpected rain that fell.
You wanted to go to the gym for shelter and also wait for your boyfriend while you were at it.
The door opened to reveal a red haired guy you had come to know as Kagami. "Um Kagami-kun, have you seen Tetsuya-kun?" You asked as you peered into the gym, it looked like the players weren't in sight.
"Oh, he's in the changing room, but more importantly, why are you all wet?" Kagami quickly took out a fresh towel and dried your (h/c) hair.
"The rain happened and I wasn't able to find shelter in time" you explained, sneezing in the process, at least the gym was a lot more warmer than outside.
"We have to dry you up before you get a cold" the tall male said as he wiped your hair more. "Why do I somehow feel like a dog…" you muttered.
Kagami chuckled by the thought of you being a dog. But his hands came to a
:iconmikukawaiihatsune:mikukawaiihatsune 189 16
Summertime (Rin Matsuoka x Reader)
Summer vacation; a time of relaxation and warm weather.
Well, one of those things at least. You really hadn't had a chance to relax so far, what with your friends. It seemed that Gou had taken it upon herself to make sure you were busy every day, whether it was going to the beach, the mall, or even the pool.
"Gou, please! Why can't I just stay at home?" You whined. The redhead had, once again, showed up to your house to drag you god-knows-where.
"Because then you'll miss out on all the fun!" She exclaimed, still pulling you down your street. You knew she meant well, but you would much rather be back at home, unwinding.
You scoffed. "What are we even doing?"
"Two words. Amusement park!" Gou cheered, finally pausing at a bus stop, and taking a moment to fix your hair and straighten out your rumpled clothes.
"W-What?! I don't have enough on me-!"
"Two for one deal. Already have the tickets." She cut you off, flaunting the papers in your face.
You sighed, pushing her hand dow
:iconally1001:Ally1001 447 54
No (Matsuoka Rin X Reader) Oneshot!
You say coldly as you arrive to your front door.
"C'mon [Name]-chan, Haru and everybody else are already there! Even Gou is there!"
"I have homework I need to catch up on Matsuoka-kun, and don't call me that." You snap at him.
He frowns at you, and you turn to open your front door, mostly trying to cover the blush that covered your cheeks. He was so cute when he pouts! 'No [Name]! Don't get sucked into his cuteness!'
"Welcome home [Name]!" Your mother calls to you from the living room. "Oh! Rin you're here too!"
You scowl at him as he steps in behind you.
"Good evening Mrs.[Last Name]."
You march to the kitchen and grab an apple with Rin still on your heels.
"You won't be studying all night, just come to the pool for a little bit."
"Matsuoka go home."
"Why are you calling me that? You used to call me Rin."
"None of your business, now go away."
Your mother walks in the room and you know as soon as she enters how this will turn out. Rin gives her a kind smile t
:iconravioli-rivaille:ravioli-rivaille 548 38
Memories (Teenage!Markl x Reader)
Markl sat back in the hot waters of the Hot Springs. He let out a soft sigh as his body slowly slid deeper into the water. His body began to relax as the water gently caressed his gently sloping muscles. No one was usually around at this time of night, so he had the Unisex Hot Springs all to himself.
His eyelids slowly drooped shut as sleep began to drift in. This was a normal occurrence. Usually, these specific Hot Springs were always hot enough and relaxing enough for anyone to fall asleep in them.
But his eyes soon slid open at the sound of feet gently stepping into the water. The steam blocked out the body and the face of the approaching person, but this hadn't bothered him too much. It was normal for others to just get into the Hot Springs, so this had no effect on Markl.
While staring through the mist, he could barely see the soft, small feet step into the water. Letting out a soft puff of air, he leaned back against the stone side of the Springs and closed his eyes. He then lift
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Wohoo i finally got on here this is my account on Devianart and I have one on Quotev and Wattpad with the exact same name so those of u who recongnizeme...hiiiiiii


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