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To Accept and Forgive (Akabane Karma x Reader)

When you suddenly got bruises and cuts that appeared out of nowhere, it's actually your soulmate's pain being inflicted on you; unless if your soulmate meant to hurt themselves on purpose to feel the pain. It will be gone once you found out who your soulmate is and accept them.

For My 5th Anniversary as an Author (September 10)
Warning: OOC
Karma stared at the razor he held coldly. How many times had he done this? Cutting and bruising himself to punish his so-called soulmate?
Oh, how he loathed that word.
He wanted to be free, choosing his own partner for life. While some people would say that this soulmate system was really good since you don't have to worry about finding the wrong person, karma thought that it was a nuisance.
After all, bruises? Cuts? Pain? Why would you choose your soulmate based on pain?
Karma wanted to be free.
He'd seen what happened with his parents.
:iconaoririhito:AoriRihito 310 43
AoT: Sleep talking [Levi x Reader]
Inspired by
You took a seat in your desk and sighed. The sun was setting and everyone was just about to go to eat dinner. As for you, well, you didn't even have the energy to eat. You were just damn tired after a day of training new recruits. Since they were all new to the scouting legion, you had to teach them literally everything from zero to a hundred. They were a bunch of curious kids that asked way too many questions as well.
You decided it was best to take a shower and relieve your aching body, and have some time to relax. You let the warm water sprinkle over yourself and smiled. Just feeling the warm water against your skin made your stress evaporate away like the steam.
After you had finished taking your very long bath, it was almost time to sleep, not for you, but for the cadets. You still had a bunch of paperwork waiting for you, sitting on the side of your table like good children waiting for t
:iconcellesticca:cellesticca 1,150 231
Sleep... [ Levi x Reader ]
In a small alleyway, an adult figure limped her way into the dirtied, abandoned aisle. A woman in ripped clothing that turned out to be just a torn up dress due to being sexually harassed by many of the dangerous gangs filled with perverted men that lurk around the underground city. This is the reason why you are limping right now. But lucky for you they didn't take your precious virginity due to wasting too much time mucking around.  
You leaned your shoulder on the cobblestone wall and continued to limp deeper into the alley way.
For nearly 20 years, you wandered around, waiting for him to come back. 20 years was a long time, but now it was beginning to feel like you have waisted your young precious years waiting for him to come back.
You went from being a strong warrior that stood by his side, to being a calm person who didn't care about anything anymore but him.
But despite your calm demeanor, you were dieing inside.
Not only that, you were actually dying.
You ha
:icontheonlymaori:theonlymaori 226 42
Levi x Sleepy!Reader [Nap Time Is All The Time]
You were a well known soldier within the Survey Corps. People knew you for your amazing skill as a Squad Leader, but what they knew you best by was your tendancy to always be tired.
You got enough sleep at night, yeah, and you were always on time for everything, you were just always sleepy. You could take a nap anywhere; in your office, in the mess hall, in the stables, in a tree, you had even fallen asleep hanging by your 3DMG once. Eren politely woke you up that time, smiling sheepishly at you.
It wasn't your fault you were always drowsy; it was a part of you. Everyone knew it, too. Some just didn't like to accept it.
Like Levi.
He would always get frustrated when you were half alseep during training, or snoring quietly while your plate of food sat next to your head. He wanted you to be strong like the rest of the soldiers, and even though you had impeccable skill and always did what you were asked, the black haired male couldn't stop being annoyed by your constant sleepiness.
He cou
:iconhusky-bear:Husky-Bear 186 88
The Clean Freak's Child (Rivaille x Reader)
On a warm summer afternoon, momentary peace had spread throughout the headquarters of the Scouting Legion. Each member held their breath, awaiting the new addition to their family. Tiny wails of a newborn filled the infirmary where three women occupied.
“It’s a boy!” Hanji excitedly declared and held the baby in front of me. I gave a weak smile in return, exhausted from the hours of labor. The child retained his father’s jet-black hair yet, kept large (e/c) eyes like mine.
“Hey there,” I greeted the small bundle of joy in Hanji’s arms. “Come on now, smile for mama.”
The baby ceased its crying and curiously looked up at me.
“What are you going to name it?” Petra eagerly asked me as Hanji passed the baby to her.
“Hmm..Levi and I decided on the name Elliot if the baby was going to be a boy. Speaking of which, where is he?”
“He should be returning from the expedition soon.”
“Haha, he’s goi
:iconninjinjan:NinJinJan 936 95
Get Some Sleep,You Little Shit (Rivaille x Reader)
The gigantic hand wrapped itself around me. Constricting. Suffocating. These fleshy walls crushed my ribcage as if it were just a mere twig. The smile on this titan’s face was wretched. Disgusting like all the others that I’ve seen and killed. Yet this time, I was the prey. This smile that I oh-so despised. This smile that I’ve seen countless times before. This smile that my dead comrades have been graced with before their fall. I wanted to wipe it off with these blades in my hands. Resistance to this monster was futile, however, as its mouth opened wide to reveal the dark abyss that signaled my death.
Despite all of the brave words that I’ve previously mentioned, I screamed. The brave soldier in me was reduced to a weak coward.

I woke up in darkness, save for the one candle that illuminated my tiny room. Drenched in a thin layer of sweat, I gasped for breath. There it was again, that horrid nightmare. For the third day in a row that vision haunted me, s
:iconninjinjan:NinJinJan 606 43
Reader x Levi - Old Habits Die Hard
Reader x Levi – Old Habits Die Hard
You wake up in the middle of the night, shivers running up and down your body. Nightmares. Again. It’s the fifth time this week and you hate it. Taking your makeshift stuffed animal with you, you crawl out of your bed and tip toe over to the room next to yours.
         The door creaks open and you make your way to the bed in the middle of the room. Pushing back the covers, you nuzzle into the sheets. The figure next to you shifts and groans slightly.
         You bury your face into the second pillow and mumble.
         Levi sighs and turns to face you. “Dreaming again?”
         Your eyes meet his. You nod.
         A moment passes and then he says, “Flip over, will you?”
:iconmythiica:Mythiica 174 14
Chibi... Corporals?!! (Levi Rivaille x Reader)
"It's time to bring her back to the headquarters. They'll be safer here and we need her skills back."
"I will write the letter now!"
"Miss (f/n)! Miss (f/n)!" a shout echoed loudly.
The door opened, revealing a (e/c) eyed woman looking down at the exhausted messenger, watching him catch his breath.
"Jack..." she muttered. "Did anything happen?" she inquired, slightly raising an eyebrow.
"I have... a letter for you..." he arfed, before taking a deep breath and blurting out: "It has the Survey Corps' seal, I thought it might be something important!"
(E/c) eyes widened and (s/c) hands snatched the document away from the messenger. The soldiers had only returned from an expedition a couple of days ago; had something happened? No, it couldn't be, he would never fall under those beasts...
Hurriedly, the cover was disposed of and the paper content neatly unfolded. An eager gaze razored over the familiar handwriting:
'Squad Leader (f/n),
I, Erwin Smith, Commander of the Recon Corps, hereby ann
:iconsophie-frost:Sophie-Frost 110 23
Silly Year 3! (Levi x Reader) ((AU))

((This story is set in the Attack on Titan: Junior High! World. Never seen it? Watch here!
Year 1. What a funny group of kids. At least, that's what the upperclassmen thought.
"They're ridiculous. A bunch of bakas. I don't understand them." Oluo went on and on about how idiotic and cocky the lower classes were. Eld played on his 3DS, Gunther read his manga, and Petra ended up shoving Oluo so he bit his tongue. "Not all of them are bad, Oluo! Some off them are better then you!" Oluo angrily jumped up. "Oh yeah?! Name one, Petra!" The light brown haired girl crossed her arms. "Well, how about Armin?! He got a perfect score on every test! Or how about-"
"Oluo, Petra? Everything okay in here?"
The pair turned to see a (h/c) girl peeking her head inside. Petra's face lit up. "(F/N)!" In a flash, Oluo was shoved out the way, and Petra pulled (F/n) inside and squeezed her. "I'm so
:iconpikamel:pikamel 21 4
Tatakai! [Fight!] (Levi x Reader) ((AU))

((Attack on Titan: Junior High world)
((Dun kill me plz))
(F/n) raised an eyebrow as her short best friend, the strongest kid in humanity, completely blew his stack. Some Year 1 kids were playing spitball in the hallway, and boy, was Levi ticked. "Clean these hallways up until it shines, and so help me, if you miss one little speck, you'l be cleaning the titan's building!" The younger kids quickly got to work, and (F/n) walked up to Levi, poking him. The male grunted. "What is it, (F/n)?"
Nodding her head to the kids, who were Eren, Jean, Connie, Renier, and Marco, (F/n) looked to Levi. "These idiots are getting cocky, don't'cha think?" Levi let out his signature 'tch', making (F/n) smirk. "You know, I think a battle's in order." Levi raised an eyebrow. "Oh? What do you think?" (F/n)'s eyes glanced over to Eren. "Dodgeball. Year 1 versus us. How about it?" The male looked at the younger kids in front of him before a smirk cr
:iconpikamel:pikamel 22 3
German Brothers x Sister reader! - Bluhen
A sneaky smile flew across Gilberts face as he looked at his guests.
Ludwig had asked his brother to plan a training day, not realising at the time what a stupid idea it was to have Gil organising any event! But now almost all the countries were here and ready to play ‘da ultimate challenge of speed, strength and survival ever created! Da awesomeness das is me welcomes you to play LASER WARS!'
The rules were outlined quickly by the Prussian male, his scarlet eyes gleaming with excitement. The aim was to shoot your opponent in the belt with your laser gun, when you do this successfully their belt will change from green to red and that player is out! Play fairly, no extra weapons, no deaths, you can’t force anyone to become one with you during the game and all outside alliances no longer stand unless made during the game.
“OK LETS GET READY TO GO! Has everyone got a belt und a gun?” Gilbert checked “Right you have 10 minutes to run den a siren will go off an
:iconmistress-raconteur:Mistress-Raconteur 63 42
2P!F.A.C.E. x Reader Meeting Her Family
It was an unnatural morning. It was quiet and peaceful. You could hear the birds chirping as your husband, Matthew Williams, and his family eating breakfast.
Instead of Matt and Al fighting over the weirdest stuff, Matt ate his eggs, bacon, and pancakes glazed in syrup and Al ate his tofu eggs and bacon. Oliver wasn’t pulling out the swear jar every 5 seconds, he sat there, humming silently as he ate. Francis sat there reading the newspaper on a new murder in the neighborhood while taking long drags on his cigar. You leaned on the counter, eyes closed and drinking your coffee.
Today was a good day, until-
“_-_____,” spoke Oliver timidly, “if you don’t mind, can I ask you a question?”
Your eyes shot open as you sent glares to the pink haired man. You weren’t exactly a morning person. There was one rule you had for mornings: 1.) No questions until you had your 2 cups of coffee. You sighed and rolled your tired eyes.
“What do you want?
:icongodiscrying4u:GodIsCrying4U 243 65
Meeting the Neighbors [2P!F.A.C.E. X Reader]
"Sweetie, why don't you go out and meet the neighbors?" your stepmother Linda said in a sickeningly sweet tone.
You mentally groaned.
This woman is a, excuse the language, fucking whore. She looks identical to a Barbie doll for Christ's sake! She wears at least five pounds of makeup on that thing she called a face.
You looked up from your laptop and looked into her piercing blue eyes. 
"Sweetie, why don't you go out and receive your daily face lift?" you said, mimicking the "innocent" tone she used with you.
Linda growled, "Just go!"
You rolled your (eye color) eyes as you closed your laptop. You stopped in front of blonde and bowed, "I'll practice my courtesy while I'm out, your majesty."
Before Linda's puny brain could process what you just said, you had already grabbed your (favorite color) hoodie and slipped out the door.
What an imbecile.
The reason why Linda was urging you to go out and meet new people was because y
:iconallyson-joy:AllYson-JoY 193 39
(OUAT) Peter pan x reader, Jealousy
Jealousy a trait that you had rarely seen in the infamous Peter pan; possessive, rude, mischievous are the more dominant and too egoistical side to the tall green eyed demon.
His life motto that he loves to remind you so often ‘what peter pan wants peter pan gets’ so why now would there be any need for jealousy?
You pondered this thought while you sat behind Felix. The tall, fair haired male was one on the quiet side, though was more than compliant with your demands. Watching him wince and itch at the leather straps that kept the beaded feathers in his hair all day was making you beyond irritated to the point where you sat him down and decided to fix the annoying issue.
So here you sat with a large simple comb in hand you battled the knots in his longish hair, the strands had twisted with the leather pulling the hair tightly from the scalp and causing pain.
Your slim nimble fingers worked tirelessly at the swarm of knots, you kept your (e/c) eyes on the mission at hand, try
:iconthejedifairy:TheJediFairy 19 0
Jealousy and Kisses Murasakibara x Reader
"(Name), can we talk?" You look over to your shoulder after hearing a familiar voice that you haven't heard for almost 5 years.
You were watching the practice game of Yosen, when he came. It was your first love - but not exactly your first boyfriend.
"Ah, it’s you, Tsukamoto." You noted, your eyes twitched slightly the moment you call him with his surname- normally you are used to call him with his first---but that was five years ago- when you were still in junior high.
"Tsukamoto?" He smirked at the name, "the last time we talked was over the internet right? - You were crying-"
"Yet, I was happy for you." You interrupted him. "It’s something we shouldn't talk about anymore--why do you want to talk about anyway?" You asked, your eyes slowly moving back to the game that you are watching.
That moment you saw Himuro pass the ball to Murasakibara and he shoot the ball easily because he was under the basket, the Yosen students cheered, and you smiled at the achievement of your f
:icongekokujougirl:gekokujougirl 705 46
Aomine Daiki (Jealousy) x Reader
Biting the tip of your pen, you tuck your hair behind your ear trying to solve the “Daily Sudoku” in the Tokyo newspaper. A grunt is heard from your kitchen followed by the sounds of various boxes dropping to the ground. Eye twitching a bit you choose to ignore it, adjusting your legs, you pull them back from resting on the coffee table to tuck them underneath your body. Nibbling on your bottom lip, you press your pen forward to fill in an empty slot.

Rip. Crunch. Grunt. Thud. Rip. Crunch. Grunt. Thud.
Are heard coming from your kitchen.
A tick appears on your eyebrow as you try to concentrate on the Sudoku in front of you, only a couple more left then I will go in and check on… Hearing a crash, you huff out frustrated. Dropping the newspaper on the couch you stomp your way to the kitchen to see your best friend slash crush, Aomine, squatting down trying to hide the broken glass, a protein bar shoved in his mouth.
:iconsweetjeans:sweetjeans 822 95


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Wohoo i finally got on here this is my account on Devianart and I have one on Quotev and Wattpad with the exact same name so those of u who recongnizeme...hiiiiiii


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