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Bed head. Akashi x Reader
Tugging the edges of a fluffy comforter closer to your body, you don't even bother to open your eyes as you snuggle into the pillow beneath your head. Yet, as you lay  in bed fighting off the impending need to wake up, a though occurs to you.
This is not what your bed usually smells like.
In an instant your body goes rigid and your eyes snap open as your head begins to swivel in an attempt to investigate your surroundings that you do not recognize. This is not your room, and this is most definitely not your bed your still-foggy brain concludes. Just as you are about to jump out of bed and make a bolt for it, a deep voice speaks out from the comforter encased lump next to you.
'Don't even think about getting up. I'm not done sleeping yet.'
Akashi Seijuro.
This statement from your current boyfriend brings you out of your sleep addled confusion as you suddenly remember where in fact, you are. An embarrassed blush creeping across your face, you settle back into bed, the comforter now
:iconceader43:Ceader43 360 11
Bed Head. Kuroko x Reader
'(F/n)-chan, it's time to wake up' A soft voice calls out to your sleeping form as a gentle hand shakes your shoulder, eliciting a tired groan from you.
'mmmmmmmmm nooooo I don't think so.' You grumble sleepily as you drape an arm over your face in an attempt to return to your sleeping state.
'C'mon, we have things to do today.' The voice persists as the owner of the voice shifts into a sitting position next to you.
Moving slowly, you shift your arm ever so slightly in order to peer with one eye and a scowl at the offender who had dared to awake you from your slumber. As your gaze lands on a certain blue-haired boy, your face can't help but soften into a smile at the locks of hair pointing in every direction.
Kuroko Tetsuya.
No matter how many nights you let your boyfriend sleep over, you are still always surprised and grumpy to be woken up by him early in the morning. Yet every time you see his insane bed head your anger always immediately dissipates as you are reminded o
:iconceader43:Ceader43 245 7
Bed Head. Kagami x Reader
'Ahhh! What?!?' Are the first words that come out of your mouth as you shoot up in bed, startled by a loud snore coming from the person next to you. All you wanted was to continue sleeping peacefully, but it would seem that fate is against you. Groaning, you flop back down rolling over to face the offender that had woken you up.
Kagami Taiga.
Looking at him you groggily remember that he had let you spend the night after you had stayed with him to watch one of his late night pick up games with Aomine. You had to admit he did look rather cute when he slept, with his hands tucked under his ruffled up bed head and his mouth wide open. He was cute enough that you almost stopped being angry that he had woken up. That is until he snored again. Loudly.
'Ugh Kagami wake up. You're too loud.' You huff grumpily as you poke his cheek to wake him up. Your actions succeed in ending his snoring as his vibrant red eyes blink open, filled with confusion, until they settle on you and he realizes what's
:iconceader43:Ceader43 391 11
Bed Head. Midorima x Reader
Blinking your eyes open quickly, you let out a yawn as you stretch your arms out in an attempt to shake off your current grogginess. However, your simple efforts to stretch are thwarted as your arm collides with something solid next to you. Shifting slightly, you glance to your side only to find a the form of a large boy sleeping soundly next to you with his back facing you.
Midorima Shintaro.
 You had somehow forgotten that you had let your boyfriend spend the night with you after an unusually long study session. After he agreed to stay you practically had to force him to share your bed succeeding only with the condition that no cuddling would occur because of his dislike of physical affection. Thus leading to the current situation.
Propping yourself up on one arm, you glance over Midorima's shoulder to get a better look at him. You are greeted by a mess of disheveled green hair and long taped fingers wrapped loosely around something cuddled close to his chest that is unfortunate
:iconceader43:Ceader43 326 24
Bed Head. Kise x Reader
The moment your eyes fluttered open, your brain vaguely registers the fact that you couldn't move a muscle. Warm arms are wrapped around stomach from behind, pinning your arms to your side. Long legs tangle with your own, keeping them securely in place. Golden hair tickles your cheek as a face tucked into your shoulder lets out soft snores.
Sleepily, your body tries to test the limits of your comfortable prison by wiggling various parts to create space, causing the person holding you to shift with a groan.
'(y/n)cchi, why are you moving so much?' A disgruntled, sleep-coated voice reaches your ears causing you to pause your shifting.
Kise Ryouta.
Your brain groggily puts a name to the voice as you remember the fact that you had decided to let your boyfriend spend the night after the two of you had been caught in a storm and barely made it to your house before getting completely soaked.
'I'm just trying to get comfortable Kise' You reply softly, resuming your movements.
'Here, try this.'
:iconceader43:Ceader43 366 13
Little Miss Perfect | Wei x Reader
“Whenever Richard Cory went down town, we people on the pavement looked at him; He was a gentleman from sole to crown, clean favored, and imperially slim.” — E.A. Robinson, from the poem “RIchard Cory”Genre: Tragedy
Warning: Depression, death (suicide)
Written in 3rd person view and in Liu’s perspective because of plot reasons.
“Hello. This is Liu. How are you today?”
Being an exchange student is no joke, especially when there is a language barrier. Wei tried not looking too lost as he wonder around his new campus, a map in hand with characters that look Chinese but do not make any sense to him. He has yet to get used to the Kanji and at this pace, he knew it’s going to take him at least a whole school year.
“Excuse me, do you need help?”
Wei looked down and saw a girl looking back at him, waiting patiently for his answer. Wei frowned as he struggled to recall what s
:iconerishanaka:erishanaka 49 20
Regret (Sakata Gintoki x Sick!Reader)
"I hate life." You murmured underneath your blankets. Your throat was hurting like hell, you had a headache, and your body continuously changed from hot to cold. "Tch, why is being sick a thing? What's the point of life if we have illnesses? What's my place in the universe?" You questioned yourself, looking at the ceiling.
"That idiotic samurai is probably still asleep even though it's 10am.. doesn't he care about his girlfriend? I'll kill him later.." The medicine you took began to work it's magic as you fell asleep once more.
After a couple hours, you heard someone in the kitchen. But.. who was it? You lived alone, so there couldn't be anyone in the..
Oh crap.
You forgot that last night you were fighting off some Harusame pirates in the rain. Fearing that they might be in your house, you grabbed your sword and headed downstairs, holding onto the railing so you won't fall.
You opened the door to the kitchen and pointed the blade to a wide-eyed samurai who had your apron.
"Oi, w
:iconbloodyrosexx:BloodyRoseXX 101 8
Treasure on the Run - Kaito KID x Reader
It wasn’t like you to get out of you're nice and cozy apartment to check out a heist that has been going around for the past couple of days. A few hours ago, you were wrapped in your blanket, sitting on your sofa as you drank some coffee.
“This just in! Kaito Kid has just sent out his note to the police and is going to the museum tonight at 8:58 PM!”
You're toes wiggled as you crossed your legs, groaning softly when you heard your phone ring. “God its so far..” Lazily reaching over to the side table, you grabbed your cellular device and swiping the call.
“Hello? [ f/n ]? Are you home?”

“Yeah, what’s wrong?”
“I was wondering if you would like to do to Kaito Kid’s heist with me! I’m helping my dad with his scheme and I need your help too!”

You groaned as you let your head rest on the back of the couch, still looking at the TV as the male in the white suit plus white to
:iconcookierocks:cookieROCKS 61 4
Possession - KAITO KID x Reader (xmas special!)
You were humming to yourself as you were hanging up some ornaments on the christmas tree, looking up at the finishing touches once you were done. Taking a couple steps back, your eyes gleamed with joy once you noticed how bright and decorative the christmas tree was.
“Fabulous job, Ms. [ l/n ].”
“Thank you Jii-chan.”
You smiled at the older man as he handed you a cup of warm hot chocolate. Signing with relief, you had decided to head up to Kaito’s room while you wait for him to finish his investigation on the next jewel he was going to steal. You stood in front of the large portrait of his father, looking at it as you gave it a gentle spin. The picture had started to move as his father was transforming into the white clad suit that you know very well. Continuing to look around his room while drinking your hot beverage, you jumped when you heard something coming from his laptop. Looking at the screen, you noticed that someone was trying to video chat with h
:iconcookierocks:cookieROCKS 18 7
Possession - KAITO KID x Reader VIII
Your alarm had started to go off, giving you a sign that it was time to get up to go to school. You groaned as you trudge your way out of bed, dragging your feet towards your bathroom to refresh yourself. While you were in the shower, you were softly humming a tune as you were washing your hair. Continuing to hum, you didn’t notice that someone was opening the door to your bathroom. You gasped, turning off the water and covering yourself with the towel you had prepared.
You called out, waiting until you heard silence. You quickly wrapped yourself with a towel and opened the door, looking around your bathroom. You cautiously went through the hall and approached your room, flinching when you heard the sound of a crash. Immediately opening the door, you found nothing in sight. Your body mirror was in pieces now, all was left on the ground was a piece of paper with something written on it. Being careful on not stepping on any glass, you picked up the paper and fe
:iconcookierocks:cookieROCKS 41 6
Possession - KAITO KID x Reader VII
Previously on Possession:
"Shinichi! Watch out!"
The boy turned his head and right when he did, you grabbed his cheeks and smacking your lips against his which shocked him. Immediately, his cheeks formed a dark red hue as his eyes were wide open. Kid was so shocked that he stared with his mouth open as he dropped his card gun.
"You know, you should be thanking me.. Kudou Shinichi, High School Detective."
"I'm back to normal..
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
"How the hell is this possible?"
You were leaning against the wall of a random alleyway, Kaito Kid right beside you as you watched him look at himself with his still shocked expression. You looked to your left and see Kaito Kid pouting in his corner, his arms crossed as he gave the high school detective a glare. 
'Pfft, jealous much?'
"How did you do this? Who are you? How do you know who I am?!"
"1. Science. 2. My name is Bloodstone and
:iconcookierocks:cookieROCKS 28 2
Possession - KAITO KID x Reader VI
Nakamori was assigned a large case, heading on over to the museum in Tokyo. In the building was the most rarest gem called the Benitoite which was a very rare gem from the West country. As he was guiding his men, his phone had started to vibrate. Confused, he looked down and answered the call, leaning the phone against his shoulder as he held it up.
“Hello, this is Nakamori.”
“Nakamori-san! Could you tell your men that I’m going to be helping out in this case? They keep blocking me off!”
He looked from both ways, noticing some crowd from the side. He yelled at his men, the officers giving their apologies and letting the man through. Mouri Kogoro came through, along with his daughter Mouri Aoko.
“I don’t know about this plan, Nakamori-san. This might be some lame trap.”
He jumped when he looked down and noticed the small child, Edogawa Conan and the country boy Hattori Heiji. The dark boy nodded along with him, tapping his chin slightly. N
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Possession - KAITO KID x Reader V
As you were home, you were streaming on the internet, as well skyping with your friend Aoko. You were discussing about some girl things, making you laugh and shake your head.
“So, [ f/n ]-chan, is there something going on with you and Saguru-san?”
You blinked as you looked at the camera, looking at your friend as she was technically wiggling her eyebrows. You sighed and rolled your eyes, continuing to type away on your laptop.
“There’s nothing going on with the two of us. He’s just a flirt.”
“Are you sure? I mean, he would always go to your desk and start a conversation. He would always ask if you would spend lunch with him and such.”
“If that’s what he’s going for, then it’s not really going anywhere.” You said as you weren’t stopping from typing away on your laptop. Aoko giggled and nodded, continuing to do her homework. You heard from your laptop that someone was home, catching Aoko’s attention
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Possession - KAITO KID x Reader IV
As you woke up for another day, you looked down at the patched up leg that Kid helped you with. You laughed as you remembered his flustered face when you stripped down so that it was easier for him to help you out. You got up from your bed and stretched, letting out a small yawn before you went to the bathroom to start off your daily routine.
As you were putting on your school uniform, you started to hear your phone ring. You unlocked your phone and held your phone against your ear with your shoulder.
“[ f/n ]-chan! Are you ready?”
“Yeah, I’ll be down in a second.”
You smiled and hung up, grabbing your finished bento and heading out the door. You locked your front door when you saw your school friend waiting for you, making you smile. You met up with her and started to chat up on how each other’s weekend went and all as the both of you were making your way to school. To think that you were friends with Akako Koizumi. You already
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Possession - KAITO KID x Reader III
As expected from Aoko herself, you had to stay in the hospital until you were fully ‘recovered’. You sighed as you laid back, listening to Aoko as she was talking about her day at school. You yawned and she seemed to catch this.
“You must be really tired, even though you’re just in bed all day.”
“Well, I’ve been trying to get all my work done so then I won’t have a huge pile once I get home.”
Aoko nodded as she left the room, leaving you with just yourself and your thoughts. You let out a soft sigh as you took your phone and looked at what was hot right now, noticing that it was Sonoko’s Uncle and Kaito Kid at it again. You chuckled at how the news was expressing their brawl, continuing to read the article. You were scrolling through your phone, continuing to read until you felt a breeze go through your room. You froze for a minute, sitting still as you felt something press against the temple of your head. You slowly rose your
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Possession - KAITO KID x Reader II
Ever since that night, you couldn’t help but feel so accomplished from what you have done. Looking from left and right, you headed to an alleyway that was next to the museum and declared a large smoke bomb. This caught the police’s attention and lied on the floor as if you were knocked out. Aoko was the first to approach your body as she held you close. She called out to you and her father called in the ambulance. You found yourself in the hospital, ‘waking up’ to her sleeping on the chair besides your bed. Mr. Nakamori walked in, slightly surprised to see you awake.
“Oh, [ f/n ]. You’re awake. How are you feeling?”
“I’m feeling a little dizzy but I think I’m going to be okay.”
He let out a small smile before nodding, giving Aoko a soft shake. She murmured in her sleep before finally waking up. She gasped when she saw you sitting up and nearly lunged herself at you. You grunted, laughing as she was apologizing for draggi
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Wohoo i finally got on here this is my account on Devianart and I have one on Quotev and Wattpad with the exact same name so those of u who recongnizeme...hiiiiiii


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